XM^ONLINE helps to automate and digitize any new services, business processes or business roles and provide seamless integration with legacy IT ecosystem to create holistic solutions for any stakeholder

Follows business structure, logic and terminology 
4 weeks for MVP delivery, enterprise-friendly integration
15+ years of proven experience in service business automation 
60+ engineers in 2 RnD centers


Customer management 360˚ view

Keeps all customer’s data and interactions consistent. Self-service and Personalized screens for customers, partners, back-office, any other organizational role. Works for individuals, organizational hierarchies and communities

Product and service catalog

Defines services and products. Keeps business rules centralized. Personalized offering for every segment. Every customer service lifecycle control

Business interaction management

Runs service-oriented processes among internal and external systems and people. Business process creation and management, simple and stable interaction scripts

Equipment and resource management

Helps to make IoT and manageable devices ecosystem. Manages devices business lifecycle. Brings connected devices online (incl. IoT). Registry, installation, firmware updates, planning, tracking and alerts

XM^ONLINE platform helps to build a digital ecosystem around any user group - customer,  partner or employee. 

XM^ONLINE gives freedom of omnichannel approach to user interaction, multilevel information access, workspaces & business process setup,  real-time A-B testing, and action-based dashboards and widgets for each user role.

XM^ONLINE works with a service-based business process logic where each user interaction indicates the current status of given service not only traditional BPMN workflow.  

XM^ONLINE gives freedom of microservice architecture and work in cloud and on-premise - we use the best industry standards.

Billing and balance management

Keeps monetary and unit-based balances with consistent top-ups and charging logic

Customizable dashboards

Real-time statistics and analytics: key identifiers, C-level. Historical base management. External analytics integration. Personalized dashboards


platform and cabinets


real-time systems & management


EV chargers network

& car sharing


services & contracting


full control: distribution, deliveries, routes, requests & make predictions 



CRM, product catalog & integration 


IoT, metering & active devices


We decided to use XM^ONLINE business automation platform instead of development from scratch or any other industry solution as building solutions on this platform gave us a very fast, safe and sustainable MVP result.  Solution based on XM^ONLINE platform provided us a quick delivery, full scale of required components. Due to XM^ONLINE platform flexibility and easy to configure architecture, we created a solution fully integrated with our current legacy systems and software. This solution fully responds to Crane Payment Innovations business processes and logic, so it is very comfortable in use for our employees and partners. The solution is planned to be used for our corporate customers and distributors worldwide.


Neil Young 

Senior Director, Strategic Marketing at Crane Payment Innovations,

Pennsylvania, USA

Digital service platform to launch any cloud or on-premise solution MVP in 4 weeks. We offer sustainable software to create a perfect customer experience for any real-time business industry (retail, telecommunication, IoT, etc.). The platform-as-a-service is recognized and used by SaaS startups and Fortune 500 companies.


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