XM^ONLINE's core difference is in their service-oriented approach.

Unlike the traditional BPM model, we operate beyond  the monolithic business process approach, which yields a low level of flexibility for difficult and specific business needs. XM^ONLINE platform treats solutions entity (customer, employee, devices, etc.) like a core, which is linked to different business processes that may have different statuses. These business processes can be connected, maintained, and tracked in real-time for each business process, which is how IoT, sharing services, and other emerging technologies work. 

Decrease technical debt
Easy to maintain
Continuous improvement possibility
Higher ROI of innovation
No hidden costs - clear price policy
Less technical risks to mitigate
Fast time to market - the result is visible 'immediately'
Clear support & maintenance model
Follows business structure, logic, and terminology 
Enterprise-friendly integration
15+ years of proven experience in business automation 
No extra hiring -  own engineers in two RnD centers

Digital service platform to launch any cloud or on-premise solution MVP in 4 weeks. We offer sustainable software to create a perfect customer experience for any real-time business industry (retail, telecommunication, IoT, etc.). The platform-as-a-service is recognized and used by SaaS startups and Fortune 500 companies.


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