XM^ONLINE fast-code platform helps to create any enterprise-grade application fast. From customers’ campaign management which delivers personalized offers to the building of IoT business solutions based on your devices. 

XM^ONLINE was created by experts with over 15 years of experience in automation of businesses serving more than 20 million customers. XM^ONLINE is your safe enterprise gate away to microservice technologies and third-party solutions



Decrease technical debt
Easy to maintain
Continuous improvement possibility
Higher ROI of innovation
No hidden costs - clear price policy
Less technical risks to mitigate
Fast time to market - the result is visible 'immediately'
Clear support & maintenance model
Follows business structure, logic, and terminology 
Enterprise-friendly integration
15+ years of proven experience in business automation 
No extra hiring -  own engineers in two RnD centers

Digital service platform to launch any cloud or on-premise solution MVP in 4 weeks. We offer sustainable software to create a perfect customer experience for any real-time business industry (retail, telecommunication, IoT, etc.). The platform-as-a-service is recognized and used by SaaS startups and Fortune 500 companies.


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