• Iryna Manukovska

How to Personalize Customers' Shopping Experience in Real Time

Today we are able to personalize content to our clients. Social media, PPC and e-commerce channels help us to talk to the customers on their language. But what about personalized consumer experience?

​Special offers and prices are provided in real-time, they are fully customized to the customer profile and behavior, they already are omnichannel. You make it real-time, you make it embedded into your business processes, customers LTV and loyalty increase. Sounds like magic, the magic of real-time campaign management software.

Real-time campaign management systems (RTCM) are dynamic predictive omnichannel automated business solutions embedded into all core business processes connected to interaction with customer.  

Originally RTCM occurred in retail investment banking, and telecommunications. The concept came out from CRM, but due to its heavyweight nature, RTCM are mostly third-party applications for enterprises.

Solution Benefits

Business Examples: Banking, Telecommunication, Retail, Services

  • Credit card offer via call/SMS after loan is taken in a sales point - upsale of credit card to the customers who took microcredit.

  • Roaming packages offer in the airport upon arrival.

  • Geo-location based special offer (voucher, %, etc.)  near PoS with limited time validity.

  • Adaptive newsletter with dynamic spaceholders - when client opens the email, the required data (e.g. current weather forecast) will be immediately accessed and would matching customers context.

How Offers Work in RTCM Solutions

From Customer Management to Personalized Offers & Benefits

Campaign management software can keep qualitative and quantitative data on different aspects of customers behavior and background. For example telecom operators “knows” the age groups of the customers, their location, time of activity, the most popular transactions, the channel they use to do them, response to price increasing and new services/products offering, behavior after special offer ends. 

This gives opportunity to design data-driven personalized customer shopping experience and increase customer satisfaction and LTV for a company.

From Event-Based Campaigns to Ongoing Contextual Interaction

RTCM solutions can provide variety of campaigns with various criteria:

  • Reactive vs. Proactive

  • Inbound vs. Outbound

  • Objective: Acquire, Service, Grow, Retain, Reward, Win back

  • Tactical vs. Strategic

With help of predictive analysis and designing of numerous customer scenarios for real-time interactions we deliver high-quality digital business solutions to create bespoke shopping experience.

RTCM Solution Development Stages


Digital service platform to launch any cloud or on-premise solution MVP in 4 weeks. We offer sustainable software to create a perfect customer experience for any real-time business industry (retail, telecommunication, IoT, etc.). The platform-as-a-service is recognized and used by SaaS startups and Fortune 500 companies.


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