• Proxy - a nginx server serves a Web application. Repository: xm-webapp

  • S3 storage - a storage for the public content like avatars and landing pages.

  • Gateway - an application that handles all Web traffic to the microservices. Repository: xm-gate

  • UAA - user authentication and authorization module. Repository: xm-uaa

  • Registry - a runtime application on which all applications registers and get their configuration from. It also provides runtime monitoring dashboards.

  • Microservices - XM^ONLINE applications, that handle REST requests. They are stateless, and several instances of them can be launched in parallel to handle heavy loads.

    • Dashboard - manages all user’s interactive dashboards and widgets. Repository: xm-ms-dashboard

    • Entity - represents general business entities like, but not limited: Accounts, Resources, Agreements, Orders, Contacts, Products, Handlings etc. Repository: xm-ms-entity

    • Timeline - stores and presents all historical information. Repository: xm-ms-timeline

    • Balance - provides a balance management with payment channels and financial operations. Repository: xm-ms-timeline

    • Config - stores and presents configuration in SVC for all XM^ONLINE modules and microservices. Repository: xm-ms-config

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